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VinylPlus® is the voluntary commitment to sustainable development by the European PVC industry value chain. The commitment aims at strengthening the sustainability of PVC products and of the entire industry through a holistic approach including increasing safe and quality PVC recycling. VinylPlus® has already spent over 100 million € since its creation in the year 2000 and has become a concrete example of a voluntary commitment that works in practice and provides a benchmark for other industry initiatives.


We commit to reviewing the current PVC recycling targets in 2018 in order to continue the journey we embarked on in the year 2000. The current voluntary PVC recycling volume for 2020 has been set in 2010 at an ambitious level of 800,000 tonnes of PVC recycling per year.


We will


  • set up, in consultation with our stakeholders, a new upscaled recycling target in 2018 for 2030 provided the regulatory framework supports this development.


  • continue to report the results in an annual progress report, which is verified and audited by third parties and overseen by the independent monitoring committee already in place which is composed of representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, trade unions, consumer organisations, and academia as well as representatives of the European PVC industry. The Monitoring Committee guarantees VinylPlus’ transparency and accountability.


  • continue to contribute yearly around 5 million € in order to support our commitment beyond 2020 and until 2030.


  • pursue and develop cooperation with EU and national public institutions in innovative sustainability projects.


  • actively engage in efforts to globalise our approach by encouraging similar voluntary sustainable development initiatives elsewhere in the world.

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