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The Signatories


With these Voluntary Commitments, the signatories are advancing the plastics industry’s role to the next level of engagement. Recognizing that this transformation will only take place through the implementation of real solutions that are sustained by regulatory support of the EU institutions, the plastics industry is committing itself to a basket of measures and initiatives.


These Voluntary Commitments focus on the key areas of increasing the recycling rates of plastics (polymers), including resource efficiency. Furthermore, these commitments will address the main markets of the plastics industry as well as a significant proportion of the plastics waste streams.

However, supporting EU regulatory requirements are strongly needed to ensure all the objectives will be met. All stakeholders have a role to play in this major industry transformation process into the new plastics economy for Europe which will benefit both, our society and the environment.

We, as the plastics industry, intend to work closely together in polymer value chain initiatives to ensure technical solutions are/will be found and strong links will be established to the End of Life innovations of our plastic products. The plastics converting industry will stimulate the further development of such polymer value chain initiatives and plastics recyclers will continue to look for the best solutions to improve the quality of recycled materials ready to be reused in final applications. 

We count on the EU Commission to stimulate designers, specifiers, brand owners, OEMs and architects to join the polymer specific platforms.

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