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Petcore Europe

Petcore Europe has been a unique voluntary value chain model for recycling for a better environment since 1993. It has remained unique among all plastic polymers. We have been accompanying, promoting, pushing and pulling the collection, sorting and recycling of national post-consumer PET bottles schemes across Europe. This cooperation within the value chain remains aligned with today’s voluntary agreement model for Europe.


Petcore Europe Technical Committee, workshops, forums and working groups composed of specialists across the value chain have been developing the industry awareness on all aspects of environmental issues. Assessing and testing the recyclability of new products and chemicals in packaging, elaborating appropriate protocols, new sorting methods, setting guidelines, evaluating collection schemes such as deposit (RDS), advising on recycling technologies and anticipating the future.


We already contribute with 1,3 million T of r-PET (80% of installed capacity) used in Europe and commit to continue to grow this volume also with the more difficult PET recycling streams such as opaque bottles or PET multilayer sheets. The Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive revision will drive the industry to look for increasing collection of PET waste, also via for example deposit schemes, in order to enhance the quality of the PET recyclates.


We will


  • focus on the overall objective: 100% recycling of collected PET packaging material.


  • commit to 65% recycling and reuse of PET packaging material collected by 2030.

    • Amongst which, 30% of closed loop


  • continue to commit to the Circular Economy but its success is conditioned to appropriate EU and national legal framework.


  • require converters and brand owners to endorse current and future Design for Recycling guidelines.


  • require EPR schemes to provide stable and standardised, quality sorted PET baled streams.

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