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PCEP Europe

The Polyolefins industry is currently conducting in-depth stakeholder discussions and a thorough analysis of Europe’s polyolefin recycling rates.


We will


  • announce in 2018 an ambitious industry-wide 2030 roadmap to reach 60% recycling and reuse of the collected Polyolefin (PO) packaging.


  • work collaboratively with all relevant stakeholders in Europe to have more than 75% of all PO packaging readily designed-for-recycling by 2030.


  • work collaboratively with all relevant stakeholders of the waste management value chain in Europe, including municipalities and collection schemes, with the aim to collect all PO packaging, to sort them to produce a high quality/value feedstock for the PO value chain, as an alternative to fossil fuel.


  • prepare an annual reporting system and invite the EU legislators to challenge and scrutinise PCEP progress on a yearly basis.


  • set up an independent legal entity PCEP Europe INPA in January 2018


  • collect the needed funding to work towards our recycling objectives


  • define targets in other PO sectors by 2025 and define a specific target for agricultural PO film in 2020.

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